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Kelly Clarkson: “I Feel Like The Rapture Is Next”

Forget Friday the 13th. For Kelly Clarkson bad luck struck on August 14, 2012.

The “Get Up” hitmaker had one “really bad day”. One of her dogs almost dies, a crew member went in for emergency surgery and one of the tour buses broke down. All in one day!

I had the worst day yesterday because my
little baby Joplin, one my dogs, almost died and I was a wreck. He is
now at a vet hospital and doing better. Please say a prayer for him.
Thank you to all of my fans that came out last night to my Ohio show!
Y’all are the best! Thank you for making my night better. You have no
idea how much I appreciate it”, Kelly wrote on Facebook.

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Good Lord and also, Harold, one of my favorite
crew guys on the road with me right now just went in for emergency
surgery because of a hernia and also a bus broke down on my tour
…..seriously, I feel like the rapture is next haha! What is going on
the past two days! Ohio, I love you but I might not be coming back ha!
Bad luck here!”, she added.

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Thankfully, her boyfriend flew in to be with her and help her get through the bad day.

I had a really bad day yesterday and my
boyfriend is a pilot and flew in to surprise me and be with me because I
was so sad. He wins Best Boyfriend Award ….hands down. I’m very lucky
he loves me so much. Please don’t settle ladies! Great men are out
there! Or great ladies depending on what team you bat for!”

Looks like Clarkson found Mr. Right!

What do you think of Kelly Clarkson‘s really bad day?

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