Check out Katy Perry’s bare baby bump on the latest Instagram post

Katy Perry bare baby bump

Katy Perry, who is world-famous for her songs is expecting her first baby with her fiancé Orlando bloom, both the celebrities have been together for quite some time now and are very happy about the news of their child. Although recently, it has become a trend to hide your baby bump and don’t let anyone from social media know about it. But Katy Perry didn’t hesitate to share this amazing news with her fans all around the globe. Recently she shared her baby bump by recording herself celebrating the end of the week. In that video, Katy Perry’s bare baby bump is quite visible and all of her fans are going gaga over it.

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Ayyyy what day is it?

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Orlando Bloom shared a video on his Instagram in which he is sitting on the driver’s seat while Katy Perry is on the passenger’s seat almost laying. That’s when Bloom asks her what day it is and she said, it’s Friday and gets up energetically and starts dancing. This video has taken the internet by storm as Katy Perry’s bare baby bump looks super cute in it. People loved and enjoyed watching her like that.

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The thing that made the video even more beautiful was the way Katy Perry seemed tired while sitting inside the car but once she says it’s Friday, she becomes all energetic and opens the door and starts dancing on the road while “Push The Feeling On” by Nightcrawlers plays in the background.

After showing her moves for a few seconds, she kneels down in exhaustion and that’s when the video stops. Orlando Bloom captioned the video ‘Ayyy what day is it? because it was the most appropriate one.

A few days ago, Katy Perry’s bare baby bump was clearly shown in one of her own Instagram posts. In that picture, she was sitting on a recliner with both of her feet resting on an ottoman. She captioned the picture ‘poopedstar’ and on the location, she added, ‘I’ve had it’. This post shows how Katy Perry is enjoying her pregnancy phase even though it’s hard.

Recently, Katy Perry talked about her feelings about being pregnant and said that she and Bloom are really happy about it and they are mentally prepared for this new stage of their lives. For a cover story of PEOPLE’s magazine, she shared that a few years ago she was really scared of this concept, but now she’s all ready for motherhood, and she can’t wait to hold her baby in her hands. Other than this, the singer also told her fans about the type of mother she wants to be. She said that she’s three Fs meaning she is firm, fun but fair. She further added that she will be a really cool mom and her daughter will definitely be proud of her.

A lot of her fans demand more pictures of Katy Perry’s bare baby bump from her and Orlando Bloom because they simply can’t get enough of how cute their idol looks.

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