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Kanye West Makes Kim Kardashian Throw Out Her Wardrobe

So, everyone noticed that Kim Kardashian‘s fashion choice have changed A LOT since she started dating Kanye West. She more into less makeup, more natural look, except this time, and into black and white clothes as opposed to the colored outfits she used to wear.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Star In New VMA Promo Video

And now we know how the changed happened. Kanye made Kim throw out her wardrobe and replaced it with a new one!

According to Kardashian, getting rid of all her clothes wasn’t easy despite being promised a new wardrobe.

Kim Kardashian: “My Butt Looks Too Big In These Jeans”

“I’m literally crying”, she tell Ye in a new video promo. Only she’s not crying at all. But you can see she’s not eager to do it.

Check out the video of Kanye replacing Kim‘s wardrobe!

Looks like the “Mercy” rapper is calling the shots in this relationship.

How do you feel about the makeover Kanye West gave Kim?

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