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Justin Bieber Files Complaint Against Photographer Following Car Chase

Justin Bieber was involved in a dangerous car chase down Freeway 101 in Los Angeles on Friday.

The “Boyfriend” hitmaker, who was driving his chrome Fisker Karma, was chased down by paparazzi.

To get rid of them, Bieber was reportedly driving 100 miles per hour. It’s unknown if it did help him lose the paparazzi, but he was pulled over and ticketed for speeding.

Justin Bieber photos!

Following the incident, Justin decided to file a complaint against one photographer.

Gossip Cop reports that the police visited Bieber on the set of his music video for “As Long As You Love Me” where they took a statement from him.

The case is under investigation.

This is not Justin’s first incident with the paparazzi. Back in May he was involved in an alleged fight with a paparazzo, while in February his bodyguard got in an altercation with a photographer who got too close to the superstar.

Looks like the paparazzi can’t get enough of Biebs!


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