Justin Bieber Complains About Paparazzi Stalking Him in Miami

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Poor Justin Bieber. You see, he’s trying to relax and have a nice vacation after all the trouble he went through to egg his neighbors house, but the paparazzi won’t let him be.

Bieber has been in the media a lot lately, for all the wrong reasons again. Police raided his home, arrested his BFF Lil Za, there’s rumors that nude photos and Selena Gomez texts will get leaked, so he’s a hot topic again. Which is all his fault so he shouldn’t be that surprised that the media is after a piece of him.

To get away from it all, the Biebs went on vacation. He and his friends went snowboarding in Colorado, they went to Cuba, and their latest destination appears to be Miami Beach. The photo above of Justin smoking is from his trip to Cuba. “I’m in Cuba I love Cubans”, he captioned it. I believe he was talking about the cigars.

It was all fun and games for Bieber and the gang until they reached Miami where it’s not as peaceful as they want it to be. The ‘Baby’ singer took to Instagram to complain about the paparazzi.

This is how I get to enjoy the beach. 🙁“, he captioned a pic of three paparazzi standing in the ocean taking his photo. Aww, he even put a sad face.


Justin also went to Lil’ Wayne‘s skate park and he did a graffiti of his initials.

bieber lil wayne skate park jb grafitti

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