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Justin Bieber: ‘Believe’ Is Out In 3 Days

The countdown for Justin Bieber‘s new album has started!

Believe‘ is out in 3 days starting today!

The ‘As Long As You Love Me‘ singer tweeted the official worldwide release dates and guess what?! The album is out in certain countries like “Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Germany, Ireland, more!”.

Justin went on to tweet the release dates for US, Canada, UK and Japan.

“UK u guys get it monday JUNE 18th and Canada and US you are JUNE 19th! Japan after that. LET’S SHOCK THE WORLD> MAKE THEM #BELIEVE! Thanks”

Bieber added: “been waiting a long time to share this album with you. thank you for the support. means everything. :)”.

So far, every song he released from the album was amazing so there’s no reason not to get ‘Believe’, music fans. Also, don’t forget about the Golden Tickets!

Are you buying Justin Biebers‘ new album ‘Believe‘?

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