Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith in dance-offf

They seem to have great chemistry and hangout quite a lot with each other. Rumors suggest that the 16-year old Canadian singer has taken the 12-year old actor from the “Karate Kid’ movie under his wings. The multi talented Smith can act, dance and rap as well.

Recently, the pair visited the Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounge Bowling alley in NYC on Tuesday night right after their concert at the Madison Square garden, the duo was in a high-spirits and started bowling right away. Soon they became the center of attention, when they reportedly stepped on to the dance floor and danced to the famous Kevin Rudolf number “You Make the Rain Fall’. The song was perfect for both Bieber and Jaden and they showed off their moves on the floor.

You must be dying to know who won the competition, well Jaden Smith had a bunch of cool moves but in the end Bieber took the prize for pulling off the perfect moonwalk from Michael Jackson. The moon walking dance move is a huge hit and it’s a great skill to possess, this move tipped the balance in Justin Bieber’ favor big time.

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