Juliette Lewis was recently injured in a car accident

The accident took place in Burbank, California. Luckily she did not get severely injured though she was taken to hospital.

The driver cannot be traced right now. Traffic Sergeant Sean Kelley says that it was a felony hit and run case and assured that the guilty driver will soon be arrested. The actress did not have any major injury except some minor pain in her back, neck and head. Juliette Lewis was soon taken to the hospital and the doctor and her spokesman said that she has been a bit banged up, but otherwise she is thankfully out of danger.

The accident occurred when the actress went to California to promote her movie “Conviction,”. The car that Juliette Lewis occupied was a chauffeur driven Lincoln Town Car. After the accident, the car was totally wrecked. The car has been completely ‘totalled’, and landed a few blocks away, said her rep Carleen Donovan. Fortunately, no one else was injured in the mishap after the accident except the actress. Juliette Lewis is a very popular actress and rock singer. Her films include, Daltry Calhoun, The Darwin Awards, Lightfield’s Home Videos, Aurora Borealis, Grilled, Sympathy for Delicious, The switch, Old school, Picture Claire, My Louisiana Sky, Renegade etc. Some of her famous albums are Terra Incognita (2009), Four on the Floor (2006), You’re Speaking My Language (2005). Some of her singles are Fantasy Bar (2009), Hot Kiss (2006), Sticky Honey (2006).

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