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Jonas Brothers: Reunited For New Album

Remember when the Jonas Brothers ruled the music charts and were every girl’s boy crush? Well, the boys are ready for their big musical comeback!

Despite each having their own projects, like Kevin shooting his reality show “Married To Jonas“, Nick playing on Broadway and possibly becoming an ‘American Idol‘ judge and Joe going solo and also having his own show, the boys have reunited for a 2012 album.

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Here’s what Joe Jonas had to say about the Jonas Brothers reunion in an exclusive interview with Just Jared:

“We wanted to be able to take 2 and a half years to kind of do our thing. We needed to take a break to live our lives to have something to sing about, we worked so much we couldn’t sing about working so much. You have to be able to go live life and create , and take that time for yourself as an artist. For me and my brothers, we were able to have so many different experiences”, he revealed.

“Kevin got married, Nick was doing Broadway, and I did a solo project. We got back together and we’re ready to create. We have so much going on in the studio, we probably have about 20 songs now that we have written. We’re dissecting and creating. I am excited for the fans to hear the new material. That’s the nice thing about my show, and Kevin’s show, and hopefully Nick on American Idol, is that we have all these different outlets that can bring in some new fans”, he added.

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For Joe‘s full interview visit Just Jared.

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