Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t find acting ‘appealing’ any more

Bon Jovi, who has not acted since 2006, admitted in a recent interview that he has no plans to go back as he is busy with his music and various charity projects.
“(I) loved it. It adds a great humility to what I do musically, because I was able to continue in something in the arts with all the exuberance of youth and the experience of the music business, but truly on the bottom of the ladder…,” the Daily Star quoted him as telling Larry King.

“Maybe some day again (I will act), but it’s so far down the list of things to do these days, because the music has been so great, I’ve got other philanthropic actions and business stuff going on. So it’s not that appealing,” he added.

The Bon Jovi rocker has appeared in numerous movies, including ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Valentino and Pay It Forward’, as well as high profile TV appearances in ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Ally MCBeal’.

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