Johny Mayer Allegedly Cheated On Katy Perry: Reason For Latest Split?



It’s been a while since we learned that John Mayer and Katy Perry are over, again. She reportedly dumped him this time and until now, we had no idea why. I mean, we did suspect why, but we did not read about it in the tabloids. You see, Katy and John are an off-again, on-again couple. I’ve lost counts on their splits and makeups. But right now they’re off. For now.

Although no one appears to care much about these two together, the tabloids have given their best shots at revealing why Katy ended the relationship. And here’s what they claim:

In Touch runs a cover story about Mayer cheating on the ‘Dark Horse’ singer with a 24 years-old spin instructor named Lauren McHale. According to their source, Katy “always thinks John is either going to cheat or is cheating” and she is right. As for his hookup with Lauren, Mayer reportedly acted like he was single and “old her he thought she was good-looking and didn’t talk about Katy at all” during a night out. “At the end of the night, he kissed her.”

The source then added that along with cheating, John was also pressuring Katy to get married, which is why she dumped him: “She’d rather have kept dating, but he wanted to marry her. He pressured her. He gave her a ring and made the relationship more serious, which scared her because of his past.”

I don’t believe this last part. Cheating, yes. Putting pressure on her to get married, not Mayer’s style.

Star has a more believable story. Here it goes: according to the tabloid, the talented guitarist “isn’t exactly torn up over being dumped – he’s gotten fed up with the 29-year-old’s partying and how she constantly wears a diamond ring on her left hand to create relationship buzz. ‘They have completely broken up and he’s moved out. Katy is a wreck.’” Katy DID wear what looked like an engagement ring so maybe Mayer felt like she was being pushy?

Finally, People has a story that’s very similar to how Perry and Russell Brand‘s marriage ended. “They’re two very strong-willed people. Despite caring about each other very much and wanting to make it work, they are, at their core, quite different.”

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