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Jared Leto gives us a ‘PIECE of him literally

Can you see THAT!!! OMG Jared please… you are already killing us with the awesomely hot looks and now uff!! OMG

This gif above that i know you can barely take off your eyes from is Jared, holding his ‘ahem’ junk at a 30 Seconds to Mars concert! and we must say that is some big ‘ASS TOOL!

We’re not sure if he is hiding something under his clothes or he just very ‘excited to see his fans! We just hope you don’t get too excited and go searching for video footage of this, or well do so! In the mean time we’ll watch this GIF over and over and OMG look at that Huuuuuuuuuuuuuge..

MKay.. bye!

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