It’s been 40 years!

Even though it has been 40 years already, in our minds it’s like it never happened. The 10th of April of 1970 Paul McCartney officially announced that the party was over: The Beatles would no longer play together.

The recording of the album “Abbey Road” back in 1969 became a pivotal point on the future of the four guys from Liverpool. Lennon was the first one leaving the band.

There were lots of speculations towards the causes of the break-up: personal reasons, musical directions, business decisions… George Harrison talked about it on the band’s autobiography: “the breakdown occurred for many reasons, especially because each of the boys wanted to live his own life and never could have. I think we parted for the same reason that people are separated. We needed more living space and the Beatles had become a small space.”

The reality is that during their 10-year musical career as a band, The Beatles made history and broke all the records. Their musical heritage is part of the world’s soundtrack and four different generations have enjoyed and dance unforgettable hits such as “Twist and Shout,” “Yellow Submarine,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and many others.

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