Is Madonna single again?

It has been reported that Madonna and Brazilian model Jesus Luz are not longer together. There are a lot of speculations regarding the nature of this separation.

On one hand, sources close to Madonna say that since Jesus’ career is taking off, she decided to put some distance between them, so that he can grow in his profession. Let’s be realistic, who would know who Jesus Luz is if it wasn’t for his relationship with the Material Girl?

Other sources claimed that Madonna revealed that they just ran out of things to say, perhaps because of the age difference, she is 51 and the Brazilian beau is 23, or just because of the different times they are going through in their lives.

There’s another side of the story that say it would have been Luz who dumped the Pop Queen. Probably we’ll never find out what happened between those two.
The couple met a year ago and started dating immediately; apparently it was love at first sight –what’s not to love anyway?

Right after she divorced British filmmaker Guy Richie, Madonna went out on a torrid affair with then-married baseball star Alex Rodriguez. Luz followed the athlete on The Material Girl’s heart.

Only time and tabloids will give us the answers we need. Life goes on.

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