Is Justin Beiber dating Demi Lovato?

And now Lovato seems to have disappeared from Twitter all of a sudden. It seems that the star has either deleted her account there or somebody has managed to hack into it.

Demi Lovato is all of eighteen and had reportedly expressed her surprise on realizing how mature the sixteen year old Justin Beiber was. While the current buzz doing the rounds hints at both of them dating clandestinely, it could well be a piece of fabricated story based on absolutely no fact at all. Lovato also seemed to have been astonished by the ability of Justin Beiber as a kisser. This was reported by the source who had apparently caught them kissing. Neither of the stars have bothered to corroborate the facts though.

Lovato had been dating Joe Jonas previously. The relationship had lasted for quite a long time too. However, the star admits that having a personal relationship while being in the public eye is an extremely difficult task. It might be a trifle more difficult for her to manage if the rumors about her dating Justin Beiber come true finally.

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