Ireland Baldwin Splits From Boyfriend, Dyes Hair Purple

ireland baldwin purple hair


Could it be that Kelly Osbourne started a purple hair trend in Hollywood? Last week Nicole Richie went lavender and this week Ireland Baldwin showed off her newly dyed purple hair. Although in Ireland’s case, this might be “breakup hair”.

The 18 years-old model recently split from longtime boyfriend Slater Trout, E!News reports, so the new hair color might be a way of coping with the breakup.

Ireland claims that her busy schedule was the main cause for the split. “I am focusing on work and school now.”

As for the hair, Alec Baldwin’s daughter revealed “I just really wanted to go lavender and it’s going to fade out. I wanted change! I love my platinum hair and that’s who I am, but this is fun. Why not? It’s temporary and fun.

So the purple hair is temporary. She’ll go back to platinum blonde in about a week or so, depending on the dye. But she does rock the edgy color.

Here’s Ireland right before getting her hair dyed purple. “What’s next ?!?!” she tweeted.

ireland baldwin dyes hair purple

And here are the after photos. Ireland used the captions “Purp”, “Fruitcake” and even tweeted “I could get used to this”.

ireland baldwin purple hair color ireland baldwin purple hair photo

Do you like Ireland Baldwin’s purple hair?

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