Introducing Diane Birch

I have a new respect for the Jonas Brothers now that I got to know a little better Diane Birch, the talented singer who’s opening for the Nick Jonas’ and The Administration tour.

This 25 year old singer and song writer is introducing her first album called “Bible Belt”, dedicated to his father, a  7th Day Adventist preacher who travelled the world with his family because of his work.

As a result, the young Birch has spent her childhood in countries like Zimbabwe or Australia.

Her first album contains a bouquet of soulful songs and her powerful voice just shines through. She has been compared to Carole King.

Diane started to study piano at age seven. When later on she moved to Los Angeles, she begin her musical career as a “pianist per hire” in high end restaurants like L’Orangerie. One night, Prince witnessed one of her performances and invited her to his home to jam with him and his band. How cool is that?

From that moment, it was on: Diane moved to London, where she recorded most part of her album, to later return to US for her big break.

After a couple of concerts with the Nick Jonas and the rest of the guys, she says: “I’ve never been so terrified of teenagers, ever.”

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