In 2010 the Kardashians outearned the biggest stars in Hollywood

Probably they would have never imagined that they were going to get this far. The Kardashian family has made $65 million in 2010, that’s more than the money pocketed by Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise or Sandra Bullock.

Chris Jenner, mother of the famous sisters and brother, knew how to turn Kim Kardashian’s 15-minute-of-fame –remember that a sex tape came out-into a huge and profitable empire that includes TV reality shows (in LA, Miami and NYC), clothing stores or public appearances.

The modern business model crafted by mamma Jenner comprises three major components: fan interaction via social media (the family has 13 million Twitter followers); best-selling products and brand endorsements –think of snickers or slimming products; and, of course, that hyper-successful reality franchise (Season 5 of E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians averaged 3.5 million viewers a week).

So, do you love the Kardashians? I guess that you either do or you don’t. Why?

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