Hot Or Not: The Ultimate Social Radar

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When social media and technology join forces to tap the ongoing human need of just socializing, and meeting new people, only great things happen. Hot Or Not is the coolest go-to social radars that you can use to find attractive people close to you on the go.

Hot Or Not is the wing man you always wanted to have in order to find the right people you were looking for. The whole ‘if it’s meant to be it will be’ thing is so last year. With Hot Or Not, we will make it happen. It’s quick, fun an easy.

Hot Or Not goes way back, for like a decade, but no time like the present, right? The concept has now been translated into an application. If you think about it, this was just the most organic move to take Hot Or Not to its full potential.

Hot Or Not is an online community where users can upload their hottest pictures for the rest of the users to rate them, as well as their personal information such as interests and a small About Me section, were users can include a small biography. At the same time, connections can be created. You can like the profiles of the people you are interested in getting to know and start chatting right away. You’ll also simultaneously get the sort of things you have in common: like interests or people you both might know or have connected with.

Sexy and convenient…Hor Or Not is just the perfect application to meet exciting new people and have lots of fun trying. It can be downloaded on your iPads, on iphone, and on PCs via Facebook in the following link:

And also, don’t forget about the sweepstakes opportunity now available, where you can win $1,000 with Hot Or Not. Click here, for a chance to participate and win.

Did you try Hot Or Not yet? If not, what are you waiting for? New friends and exciting stories are just a few clicks away.

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