Hillary Duff and hubby making the long-distance work

Lovely actress and singer Hillary Duff and brand-new hubby Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie starred on the most romantic wedding ceremony of the Summer. They tied the knot six weeks ago in Santa Barbara, California.

But now, the Summer is over and so is the honey moon. Back to work! The Hockey season is already up and running which translates to a lot of traveling for Mike. How’s Hillary feeling about it?

“He left too soon,” Duff told E! News. “Now he’s gone and I’m alone and it’s like, ‘What? I’m alone? Why am I alone right now, I’m a newlywed!'”

Of course the couple is used to manage the distance as they travel a lot because of their professional activities. Maybe now is a bit different as they just got married. Anyway, they are already working things through: “I’m going to fly to Pittsburgh for [Comrie’s] first game and then I’m going to New York to start the tour,” Duff says. “I think we’re going to eight or nine cities in two weeks, which is hard. Then I’m going to come home and start writing the follow up book right away so I’ll be busy for the next couple months.”

Good for them!

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