HADA VERONICA The Queen of the Northern Music

Originally from Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Hada Veronica, to this date, has accomplished to develop a career in which she combines primarily two genres, grupero and norteño.

She launched her first production with brand new songs. Hada Veronica’s debut album, had as first stepping stone, the sharing on the radio her first single “Quisiera ser yo”, followed by other songs like “Vamonos ya”, “A escondidas”, “Porque el amor es asi?”, and “No Volveras”. Also, something worth noticing is that Hada Veronica participated in her album as author and composer in the song “Por que el amor es asi?”

In 2011, reaffirming her image and style, her new single “Solo quiero estar contigo” (and last of her first album) explores Hada Veronica’s most representing angle: her voice. The predominant tone in this recording is, as with the other singles, its total romantic feel.

Hada Veronica also produced the music video for the same single and has begun the promotion of the same titled video, “Solo quiero estar contigo”. Coming soon she will visit Monterrey, N.L. and other cities to continue such promotion. Obviously, the music video is already in multiple internet sites and cyber social networks. This music video is an addition to the rest that the singer has produced that composes her first album: “Quisiera ser yo”, “Mis ultimas palabras”, “Como la flor”, “Por que el amor es asi” and “No volveras”.

Hada Veronica has toured through various cities in Mexico with individual performances and is now recording the singles for her second album, with music/lyrics by Armando Garcia (author of “No volveras”), Carlos Quintana, Alberto Madrid, and a new composition by the own Hada Veronica. In this manner her immediate outlook is filled with music. Hada Veronica has determination. She knows that is hard to make it in this profession, but not impossible.

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