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Gwen Stefani talks about her new music work! Check out the deeds here!

Gwen Stefani has spoken to MTV about her new work in music lately saying:

” I will be entering the studio tonight with Pharrell Williams, and I will be writting as well as thinking of what’s coming up down the road, …. I’ve been recording a few things”

As to Pharrell he also has spoken about doing some collab work with the singer and fashionista:

” You won’t believe the things she does at her age, she doesn’t look like she’s had three kids, but that’s the good part, at her age she’s had three kids and she’s coming back to kill it”

” And when i say kill it, i mean, another level, Gwen is somewhere else. Last time i said this it was about Miley Cyrus, and everyone was like…’What? She’s just Hannah Montana’ and I’m like What? I’m trynna’ tell you…”

Well we just hope that Gwen keeps her classy-ness and her style, and doesn’t go ‘somewhere else’ like Miley! YIKES!!!

But we cannot wait for more music from Gwen!

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