Glastonbury Report: Stevie Wonder pays tribute to Michael Jackson

This year’s edition of the Glastonbury Music Festival
couldn’t have had any better finale. Motow legend Stevie Wonder delivered a
very emotional performance in front of over a hundred thousand people. The
devoted audience could enjoy Wonder’s most remarkable hits, with a twist.

The Superstition hit maker wanted to pay an emotional tribute
to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who had passed away that same day one year

Wonder performed a touching harmonica version of Jackson’s
“Human Nature.” The 60-year-old artist also performed a cover of
Beatles’ classic “We Can Work It Out.” The show delivered plenty of emotional
moments, such as when Wonder invited Glastonbury’s founder Michael Eavis to
come up to the stage and sing along “Happy Birthday” in order to celebrate the
40th anniversary of the Festival.

Eventually Wonder ended up giving some comfort to the
English audience as the English soccer team got kicked out of the World Cup.

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