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Gigi Hadid Pregnant – And The Internet Is Going Wild!

Gigi Hadid Pregnant

Gigi Hadid is thrilled about being pregnant! Here is all the info about Zayn Malik & his reaction, as well as some exclusive pictures!

Zayn Malik couldn’t be more thrilled about becoming a dad! He is expecting his first child with the supermodel, Gigi Hadid.

Zayn, a 27-year-old former member of One Direction is about to become a dad! Gigi Hadid who is 25 has finally shared the big news with the internet!

The couple broke up at one point during their relationship. However, this separation has helped them realize that they were inseparable and that they were meant for each other.

On April 28, they confirmed to ”Us” that they were pregnant. As a matter of fact, Gigi is carrying a baby girl!

The couple has been together since 2015, but they did split in January of 2019. However, they got back together in September, and have been enjoying their moments ever since. And now, in less than 6 months, they will welcome their bundle of joy!

Before she announced that she was pregnant, Gigi Hadid also made some statements in interviews where she said that she’d love to become a mother one day. She also said that she doesn’t see herself in the fashion industry for her entire life. Coincidence? We think not!

So, what do you think about these two millionaires becoming parents?

A) I think that they are ready! They are obviously in love and they are more than well-financially secure. Also, they are old enough and are mature.

B) I think that they are not ready. The fact that they were off and that they’ve split once or twice doesn’t make them prepared for what’s about to come.

C) It’s their life, let them do what they want. I’m neutral that they’ve shared this news with the world!

Let us know your thoughts about Gigi Hadid Pregnant!

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