Elvis Presley’s family celebrates the 75th anniversary of his birth

On January 8th, Elvis Presley would have turned 75 and his family -his ex wife Priscilla along with daughter Lisa Marie and his two oldest grandsons (Riley Keough, 21, who tries to make a career as a model,  and his brother Benjamin Keough,18, who resembles a great deal to his grandfather and like him, wants to break into the music industry)- gathered on the Presley mansion to celebrate the anniversary of the king. The mansion is located in Graceland, Memphis, a city where the great Elvis spent most part of his life and to which he was very attached to.

Graceland receives everyday thousands of fans who want to remember the legend of the King.

And for the 75th anniversary of Elvis, almost 3,000 fans came to the mansion in order to pay a tribute to the artist. They joined the family for the celebration and as such there was a cake decorated in blue and white and tons of pictures remembering the most remarkable moments of his career.

Also a lot of fans came to the celebration dressed like Elvis and even sang some of his most popular songs. Priscilla and Lisa Marie looked closer than ever in this very emotional tribute that for sure brought back a lot of memories and emotions lived with the King.

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