Discover Lady Gaga’s favorite artist and song during 2009

2009 has been definitely the year of Lady Gaga. The young trendsetter artist was everywhere: her hits topped charts around the world and we couldn’t get enough of her: on the dancefloor, radio, itunes…

MTV has been conducting interviews  to many artist to find out who has been the biggest influence for them during this year that is about to finish, and Lady Gaga has been the artist named the most by artists as inspiration for them.

But, who would be Lady Gaga’s biggest influence during the past twelve months?

“First and foremost, my favorite artists of 2009 were my fans. They were my favorites because every song I did, they remade on their own, and every photograph that I took, they took their own version of it. And they remade my music videos, they designed clothes for me. They wrote poetry and made films and designed all sort of amazing paintings. They’re just the most brilliant fans in the world. It’s funny — my dad was at a show the other night and afterward he said, ‘Do you think your fans are smart?’ and I said, ‘Oh hell yeah, my fans are smart,’ and he said, ‘You know what, I was thinking the same thing during the show.’

Besides her fans, there are some artist that impacted her too: “I really liked Morrissey’s new album, [Years of Refusal.] I listened to that one a lot.” About her song of the year, she declares:  “Some of the songs I really liked … hmm. Well, I really, really love Grace Jones’ most recent album, [2008’s Hurricane] and a song off it called ‘Corporate Cannibal.’ “

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