Dina Lohan Proceeds defending Lindsey

Asked what accounted for the change, Dina told Matt Lauer, “Age. Living life. Knowing life. Growing up.” Right. Whatever that means. Very convincing, Dina.

Accusing Revel of “going overboard” and “playing hardball” by ordering Lindsay to jail for 90 days (she served 13) and to rehab, Dina claims the judge recused herself from the case this week because she was about to be fired.

Lindsay “was [thrown in jail] for missing a couple of classes and was working at the time,” Dina Lohan says, apparently confusing “clubbing” with “working.”

Pressed about coverage of her daughter’s problems, Dina said it’s “propaganda,” and “pre-orchestrated. You’re reading things that are not based on fact.”

Whining about attention she craves, she adds: “Her life is magnified. She is under a microscope … Lindsay doesn’t realize a lot of people are watching her.”

For now, in rehab, “She’s great,” said Dina. “She’s been through a lot.”

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