Christina Aguilera defends her divorce

“Things were so unhealthy and unhappy for both Jordan and me, I knew I had to end it,” the Burlesque star, 29, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “I really didn’t want to hurt Jordan, and I felt torn about splitting our family up. … When you’re unhappy in your marriage, your children are the ones who suffer.”

… Since filing for divorce, Aguilera has been out in Los Angeles and New York City with a new man, Matthew Rutler, a set assistant on Burlesque.

“He’s the kind of person you could spend hours with on the phone talking to and all of a sudden it’s daylight,” she says.

I love how all Christina Aguilera had to do was say, “I woke up married to Jordan Bratman,” and not a single one of us would’ve judged her. Instead, she paraded out a bunch of excuses about doing what’s best for her kid, not hurting Jordan, yadda yadda yadda and then started in on portraying Matthew Rutler as the second coming of Robert Pattinson to justify him knocking her up while she was still married. So, now, she looks like a cheating whore trying to rationalize her whorery when, again, all she had to do was say she was tired of a husband who kept digging in the neighbor’s garden. Or, you know, not give an interview in the first place. But, hey, sometimes it’s fun to lie yourself in print. Right, huge penis that I have?

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