Chrissy Teigen deleted 60,000 Tweets for the safety of her family


Ever since the Jeffery Epstein outrage has happened, people have been trolling Chrissy Teigen really bad. The general public over the internet started to guess about her supposed connections to Epstein and Maxwell when unverified cases recommended Teigen’s name was recorded on a flight log for Epstein’s private plane.

So when everyone was sure that both of them share some sort of relationship, they started bashing Teigen. A lot of her supporters stopped liking her. There were people who went a little too far and started dragging her kids and family into all of this. That’s when Christ Teigen got worried. She knew that there is no end to these trolls and they can go to any extent. She felt helpless and insecure and decided to delete all of her tweets.

Teigen deleting 60,000 tweets

Chrissy Teigen twitter account

American supermodel Chrissy Teigen mentioned that she was too scared of all those trolls that she didn’t know what to do. That’s when she decided to delete all of her tweets so that no one else can find anything controversial.

Other than her, recently Tom Hanks was also blamed by those trolls for flying in Epstein’s private jet. However before things got out of hand, some of the journalists did a proper search and found out there are no such records of flight logs in which Hanks is mentioned so there is no need to blame him.

A little history


In 2018, Teigen and her spouse John Legend undermined a claim against a person who blamed the pair for including their little girl Luna in a youngster sex-dealing ring. The Los Angeles Times blamed the couple in a 2018 article and put the entire thing over Teigen. This acted as very negative publicity for John and Teigen but Christ Teigen had a very bad effect on her. All of this took a huge toll on her mental health. When things got a little settled down and she started coming back to her normal life, that’s when another issue resurfaced.

After Jeffrey Epstein outrage, Teigen couldn’t take it anymore. She got worried about her family’s security. Even when a few days passed, these trolls didn’t stop so Christ Teigen knew that things are getting worse day by day. All of this pushed her into deleting more than 60 thousand tweets of her. It was just a way for Teigen to get rid of all those people who are trying to take a toll on her. The logic behind it was that she thought maybe some of her tweets do have something controversial in them so no matter how much she tries to explain or denies them, these trolls will somehow find another thing to troll her because that’s what they do and that’s the only thing they are good at. So in order to end it once and for all, she went into her Twitter account and deleted multiple of her tweets leaving no signs behind them.

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