Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron heat up the rumors even MORE!!! Check out the HOT details here!

Shades… inside of a nightclub? Tsk tsk tsk… bad boy Zac… it seems his new rumored GF Michelle Rodriguez has put her Michelle effect on him already!


It all went down back in Billionaire Porto Cervo club last Monday in Sardinia, and witnesses say that they were acting VERY rated R… Stolen kisses, drinks.. which sounded a bit dangerous for Zac considering that he has been clean and sober after going to rehab back in 2013.



Some say he was drinking that night, and we’re here all worried about him trying alcohol again… from Michelle’s mouth or peers? Just check out that slurp! That is obviously an alcohol loaded kiss!

We smell the vodka and trouble from right here! Brace yourselves….

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Kim Kardashian accused of cheating on her ex right after engagement?! Deeds here!

This is obviously not a traditional way to celebrate engagement, but now there’s rumors going on that Kimmie actually had an affair with Kris’s friend the night AFTER they got engaged!!!


Andrey C Hicks used to be one of Kris’s best friends, and then he met Kim Kardashian! Anyways, he  was a very close friend from the family, he even enjoyed a Monaco trip with Kris and Kim… and actually that’s when the whole CHEATING scandal happened!

After that Andrey was convicted for a wire fraud and had to serve 40 monts in prison for a scheme that costed Kris hundreds of thousands! But now Hicks has revealed that Kim and Kris were having an argument even before starting the Monaco trip.

The part of the group for that trip went on for dinner one night and another group witnessed the newly engaged couple get in to a bad fight! After an awkward dinner suppousedly Kris went back to his villa while Kim  and Kris’s sister hung out with Sergei Brinn and Richard Branson on a yatch, while Andrey went out for a bit of casino with his girlfriend in Monte Carlo.

But by the end of the night when a car service went on to pick up everyone Kim wasn’t ready to turn in and Andrey said she asked him to stay with her to “talk” while everyone went to bed… and so he did! They stood and talk about both of their relationships. Hicks said:

“She then went on into how she thought I was a really good guy and how I deserved to be with a woman who could appreciate that. After a tense pause she added that she wished she had a guy like me. I didn’t really know what to say or do but before I could figure anything out she grabbed my hand and came in close. I hesitated for a minute. Everything was running through my head at a million miles an hour. I’m not exactly a good human being, I came to terms with that long before prison came along, but I’d like to think I was above hooking up with my friends new fiance. Well, I wasn’t. So, I did what any warm blooded man would do when he’s got Kim Kardashian pressed up against him. I went for it. We started making out at first, made our way to a more secluded part of the villa’s grounds, and then my pants were down and I was going to town. It didn’t last that long. It was good for what it was. I was half terrified the whole time that Kris would come out with a kitchen knife or something. Afterwards she did the whole, “do I have sex hair?” thing and then we made our way inside the villa. The next few days were awkward.”

DID I JUST READ THAT! Yes you did! No wonder their marriage ended up! But of course there is a doubt in Andrey’s declaration, someone convicted of fraud could do anything to get some attention! BUT! Hold ya’ horses rite’ there!

WE HAVE EVIDENCE!! Taken from Mr. Perez Hilton’s website we have this jewel:


The image provided by Andrey himself really kinda sounds like something went on … or down?

That email certainly doesn’t help Kim Kardashian much when it comes the moment of denial! But we have also to acknowledge that it doesn’t implies sex either… so truth or bird’s talk we’ll have it for you!

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(image source PerezHilton)

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez kissing?! Now we’re confused

Well peeps, last week these two Hollywood stars were spending the holiday weekend together in Sardinia…

And while everyone was chillin’ and barbecuen’ thinking that these Zac and Michelle were just friends!


Zac Efron Michelle Rodriguez

Poor Cara, where was she for these holidays??? No one knows!

And as to Michelle, well, i guess this is the grace of being young, rich and bisexual!But Zac Efron kept her cozy during the whole day kissing her, touching her head, hugging her! Awww that sounded so sweet!

Will this be the end of Cara and Michelle, or is just Michelle Rodriguez‘s charm working… but the question we all want to know is.. ARE THEY DATING?

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Happy 4th of July from celebs1 Check out what they’re doing!

Seems some celebs are having a nice 4th, others are not enjoying much! Here we have the 4th wrap up!

Kim is rocking the Hampton’s style for this holiday:

Today’s look- And Re Walker dress, Alaia heels#HamptonsStyle

But it seems Koutney wasn’t having a good time:

Happy Hamptons rainy 4th of July! 

Miley was getting crafty just right before the 4th, we’ll report on this Crafty DIY ! :

Officially the 4th

While James Fraco was taking selfies with Lana del Rey, just that Lana wasn’t there… is he stalking her still?

HAPPY 4th, y’all!!!! Urban Hikers: ULTRAVIOLENCE,@lanadelrey @klausbiesenbach


These are just some of the celebrities who have shared their fourth!

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Selena Gomez is losing her friends! This time is Demi Lovato

Feuds and broken friendships… what a terrible way to start a Friday… but we guess Selena’s last make up actually broke a few friendships.

demi lovato

It is the case of Demi Lovato, who unfollowed Selena Gomez yesterday on Twitter, and trust me this is not like Colfer’s hacking problem!

All fans were shocked!! We’re really not sure of what’s going on, but it most likely is that Selena is back with Justin and she’s already on some shady moves… Just as if it wasn’t enough by ending a beautiful friendship, Lovato made sure to burn all bridges, at least if it’s true. Since there is an image running around the web in which Demi posted this on Twitter, a tweet that was supposedly later deleted.

Can someone say something already?!?!

While we figure out what happened or someone decides to talk take a look at the meanie’ tweet——>

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Did Chris Colfer got fired from Glee?!?! Not so quick.. check out what happened here!

Wow that was close! Earlier today, Chris Colfer supposedly posted on Twitter that he was FIRED from the tv series Glee because of personal misunderstandings!

But HOLD YA HORSES! That was NOT true!

The Glee star’s manager says that Chris’ verified Twitter account was HACKED! and that he is actually making a comeback for the sixth and LAST Glee season ever..

Sniff sniff.. :'(

Fox released an announcement saying:

“We’ve been alerted that Chris Colfer’s Twitter account has been hacked. Rumors of his dismissal from Glee could not be further from the truth. We love Chris and look forward to working with him again this season.”

That feels much better! We couldn’t imagine the wave of emotions all the fans must have felt when they read that terrible tweet! Thanks God  there’s no loss and the best is that it is NOT TRUE!

This was the Infamous tweet:

Due to personal issues, I have been let go from the cast of GLEE. Explanations will come shortly…
— Chris Colfer (@chriscolfer) July 3, 2014

We should have know from scratch! But anyways… Let’s wait for the last season!

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Lea Michelle finally takes a walk with her new Love! Check out the deeds here!

We love seeing her happy and all bubbly! And Oh how sweet her smile is.. she’s in love! After a rough 2013 it is so nice to see that she is happy again! Let’s all now take a second to thank her boyfriend Matthew Paetz, with whom she was spotted FINALLY a few days ago in LA.


It was last Sunday when the couple decided to walk side by side, right before stopping for picnic and a chit chat. They were reportedly also seen hiking a dew days ago, one of Lea’s favorite things to do!

A close source tells us:

“It’s still very new, but they are enjoying each other’s company. Lea’s not stupid, so she’s not jumping into anything. So far, it’s an honest and happy relationship. Whatever his past may be, their current relationship is based on honesty.”

As the  insider continued,he said the duo being very supportive towards one another:

“They are both supportive of each other and what each other has been through in the past. They make a good team. Lea’s friends say he’s a great guy and dotes on her. Lea’s found some happiness again.”

Awesome team Lea and Matthew! Oh we’re in love with them! And we’re so happy that the Glee actress is happy again!

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(Image Src Perez Hilton)

Iggy Azalea speaks BET Awards 2014, Nicki Minaj and fake feud!

We all know how this business work and how much media, and people like me, who reports celebrity news tend to twist some words and perceive things that sometimes are not even there. Such is the case of the Iggy/Nicki  fake feud.

It all began when many started speculating things after Nicki Minaj won the best female rapper and went on with a “Strange” acceptance speech, claiming that she kinda’ threw a shade on co-nominee Iggy Azalea, here we have the speech

Then the rumors couldn’t wait, saying that when she says : ” WHEN NICKI SPITS, NICKI WROTE”, that she was actually referring to Iggy… but to all this media mess this is what Nicki had to say on Twitter:


As to this Iggy also said something, since in the end it all seems MANY of us got it wrong…: This was posted on Instagram, but the following are the latest of her declarations :


And we agree, women should support each other more instead of trying to make each other fall. GIRL POWER IT’S ON B!TCH3Z !!

And for all you in this same business… please.. let’s not try to see things where there’s obviously nothing! We know Nicki and the way she is and her way she expresses herself, which unless she directly says it,  DO NOT PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH!

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Lana del Rey gets Steamy with new Italian “friend”. Who is Lana’s new crush?

It seems that Barrie-James O’Neil time is up in Lana’s heart!


Sorry boo!

The rumors seem to be true about LDR having an Italian lover wasn’t THAT far from being true!

Sources say that the Summertime Sadness singer was spotted getting very cuddly and comfortable with the music video director Francesco Carrozzini back in Portofino, Italy… and well…. WE HAVE THE PICTURES TO PROVE IT!


We are for sure that is NOT just an European kiss…  they could not help themselves around each other… hmmm this smells like Summer Wine!

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( Images via Splash News)

Beyoncé finally points her finger on Jay Z! Check out how she calls him out for cheating!

Dressed in white and with a veil over her amazing hair, Queen Bae decided to change a little bit of her song Resentment to subtly call out the cheating rumors that Jay has been surrounded by, including the elevator fight with Solange.

The original lyrics actually went like this:

“I know she was attractive but I was here first
Been ridin’ with you for six years why did I deserve
To be treated this way by you, you.”

Which by the time she did the song they actually had only 4 years dating, since 2002. Making this slight change a true message for Jay Z and all the fans know what’s going on.

The rumors pointed out to Rachel Roy, with whom Solange also had a problem with right before the elevator fight, and it was at the post-event party where a source tells us Solange was trying to get on with Rachel Roy, when she yelled at her and reportedly Beyoncé interfered between them … that’s when the three of them took off, Bey, Solange and Jay Z… the rest of the story you know it…

Soooo…. Going back to subject of matter, Bey changed the lyrics to this:

“I know she was attractive but I was here first
Been ridin’ with you for twelve years why did I deserve
To be treated this way by you, you.”

And then went on VERY emotional with the whole song… check it out yourselves and be the judge!


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