Lea Michele flew to Becca Tobin, as soon as she heard about the Glee actress loss!!

If someone can really understand what Becca is going through that is Lea Michele.  The Glee actress ran for Becca Tobin‘s rescue, her boyfriend Matt Bendik, was found dead in a hotel suite in Philadelphia a year after Cory Monteith.


The actres and singer was spotted soothing her bff’s pain in at Becca’s home in LA last Saturday afternoon. The sad death of Tobin’s boyfriend is still under investigation since the autopsy came out inconclusive . It is all terrible news by far…

We’re glad to see how Becca’s friends are starting to help her through this terrible moment, and healing is sometimes a long painful process made easier when friends are there with a shoulder to hold on ,we will keep you posted on this developing story.

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[ Image source: PerezHilton ]

Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marriage is on the edge, according to rumors! But yes they’re still trying to save it!

There;s still all kinds of rumors from cheating to divorce surrounding the super famous couple Jay Z and Beyoncé. In the latest news it is being reported that the marriage is having Skype counseling sessions with a relationship therapist!

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Awww isn’t that sweet? It is so cool to see that asides that they have 12 years of marriage they are still trying to find the way to work it out. A source close to Jay and Bey has spoken up about these marriage make up:

“It might sound drastic but in America especially, counselling is fairly standard procedure. They have known their therapist for a long time and try to have weekly sessions just to keep communication open and make sure there are no misunderstandings. It’s about maintenance rather than trying to fix anything hugely wrong. They are both happy and their daughter, Blue Ivy, remains their absolute priority.”

We must say we’re very happy with the outtake on this marriage when it comes to solving differences , we praise the action and would like to say that this is a very mature step to take, and it is what any couple who love each other would do after all, right?

We think the will do just great! Let’s cross our fingers so these two stay together!

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Another Glee member affected by sudden death almost a year after Cory Monteith’s death

This is terrible news, we know… We hate to report that the 28 year old actress Becca Tobin, playing Kitty Wilde role in Glee , just lost her boyfriend in a very sad and sudden event.

They were in Philadelphia together where Matt Bendik was there for business. He was the owner of a nightclub while co-owing AV Nightclub in Los Angeles and he was also Operation’s Director for DBA Nightclub.

Becca and Matt, whom was 35 at the moment of his death, they were reportedly having a nice and normal night out last Wednesday with some friends. Unfortunately Matt’s body was found on Thursday afternoon in a hotel room by a maid. The emergency team rushed to the hotel around 1 P.M. but he was declared dead not too long after that.


By now the reports just say, “sudden death”, there’s no signs of suicide or foul play. The place where Becca was at the moment when his body was found is still unknown. Matt was not known for being a party animal within his friends, whom are very devastated and shocked at this out of the blue news!

And what is spookier is that this same Sunday will be a year anniversary for Cory’s Montheith‘s also sudden and terrible death, where was was also found dead in a hotel room but that time was in Vancouver.

Out prayers and thoughts go out to Becca and Matt’s family and friends!

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Rossie O’Donnell is BACK to the VIEW!!!!

After all this struggle and rumors and all this messy story… It is NOW official Rossie O’Donnell just signed her re join to The View!

And The View themselves confirmed it on a tweet today saying:

So now that all is set for Rossie, she will co host with Whoopi Goldberg and we heard they are looking for two more personalities they want a conservative person and a Latina for the show’s new season, we’ve heard that Abby Huntsman and Margaret Hoover  are being consider for the spots!

We’re sure that whomever they cast will be because of perfect chemistry within the other hosts ( or so we hope ). Congrats Rossie it is so nice to have you back!

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Selena Gomez throwing shade at Justin Bieber?? What is going on with these two?!

Some weird activity  is going on Selena Gomez’s Instagram, with some strange pictures! Check them out!

You’re always listened to.

That’s who you wanna wake up to. #promise.

Seriously? First you’re mad girl and then you’d like to wake up to whom? Justin? We’re confused!?

#zoesaldana #womenempowerment you are all so beautiful the way YOU are. No bigger or smaller. You all inspire me.

And the last one with the words that sound most hurtful:

UPDATE: Oops Seems Selena deleted this Insta pic… hmm.. this makes us wonder??? We will get you the image back shortly!


So we’re not sure if she’s getting over him, if she’s pissed or what?! But this teenage rollercoaster is sure learning a lot from this relationship. We just all hope she does well and feels better soon..

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Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron heat up the rumors even MORE!!! Check out the HOT details here!

Shades… inside of a nightclub? Tsk tsk tsk… bad boy Zac… it seems his new rumored GF Michelle Rodriguez has put her Michelle effect on him already!


It all went down back in Billionaire Porto Cervo club last Monday in Sardinia, and witnesses say that they were acting VERY rated R… Stolen kisses, drinks.. which sounded a bit dangerous for Zac considering that he has been clean and sober after going to rehab back in 2013.



Some say he was drinking that night, and we’re here all worried about him trying alcohol again… from Michelle’s mouth or peers? Just check out that slurp! That is obviously an alcohol loaded kiss!

We smell the vodka and trouble from right here! Brace yourselves….

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Kim Kardashian accused of cheating on her ex right after engagement?! Deeds here!

This is obviously not a traditional way to celebrate engagement, but now there’s rumors going on that Kimmie actually had an affair with Kris’s friend the night AFTER they got engaged!!!


Andrey C Hicks used to be one of Kris’s best friends, and then he met Kim Kardashian! Anyways, he  was a very close friend from the family, he even enjoyed a Monaco trip with Kris and Kim… and actually that’s when the whole CHEATING scandal happened!

After that Andrey was convicted for a wire fraud and had to serve 40 monts in prison for a scheme that costed Kris hundreds of thousands! But now Hicks has revealed that Kim and Kris were having an argument even before starting the Monaco trip.

The part of the group for that trip went on for dinner one night and another group witnessed the newly engaged couple get in to a bad fight! After an awkward dinner suppousedly Kris went back to his villa while Kim  and Kris’s sister hung out with Sergei Brinn and Richard Branson on a yatch, while Andrey went out for a bit of casino with his girlfriend in Monte Carlo.

But by the end of the night when a car service went on to pick up everyone Kim wasn’t ready to turn in and Andrey said she asked him to stay with her to “talk” while everyone went to bed… and so he did! They stood and talk about both of their relationships. Hicks said:

“She then went on into how she thought I was a really good guy and how I deserved to be with a woman who could appreciate that. After a tense pause she added that she wished she had a guy like me. I didn’t really know what to say or do but before I could figure anything out she grabbed my hand and came in close. I hesitated for a minute. Everything was running through my head at a million miles an hour. I’m not exactly a good human being, I came to terms with that long before prison came along, but I’d like to think I was above hooking up with my friends new fiance. Well, I wasn’t. So, I did what any warm blooded man would do when he’s got Kim Kardashian pressed up against him. I went for it. We started making out at first, made our way to a more secluded part of the villa’s grounds, and then my pants were down and I was going to town. It didn’t last that long. It was good for what it was. I was half terrified the whole time that Kris would come out with a kitchen knife or something. Afterwards she did the whole, “do I have sex hair?” thing and then we made our way inside the villa. The next few days were awkward.”

DID I JUST READ THAT! Yes you did! No wonder their marriage ended up! But of course there is a doubt in Andrey’s declaration, someone convicted of fraud could do anything to get some attention! BUT! Hold ya’ horses rite’ there!

WE HAVE EVIDENCE!! Taken from Mr. Perez Hilton’s website we have this jewel:


The image provided by Andrey himself really kinda sounds like something went on … or down?

That email certainly doesn’t help Kim Kardashian much when it comes the moment of denial! But we have also to acknowledge that it doesn’t implies sex either… so truth or bird’s talk we’ll have it for you!

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(image source PerezHilton)

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez kissing?! Now we’re confused

Well peeps, last week these two Hollywood stars were spending the holiday weekend together in Sardinia…

And while everyone was chillin’ and barbecuen’ thinking that these Zac and Michelle were just friends!


Zac Efron Michelle Rodriguez

Poor Cara, where was she for these holidays??? No one knows!

And as to Michelle, well, i guess this is the grace of being young, rich and bisexual!But Zac Efron kept her cozy during the whole day kissing her, touching her head, hugging her! Awww that sounded so sweet!

Will this be the end of Cara and Michelle, or is just Michelle Rodriguez‘s charm working… but the question we all want to know is.. ARE THEY DATING?

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Happy 4th of July from celebs1 Check out what they’re doing!

Seems some celebs are having a nice 4th, others are not enjoying much! Here we have the 4th wrap up!

Kim is rocking the Hampton’s style for this holiday:

Today’s look- And Re Walker dress, Alaia heels#HamptonsStyle

But it seems Koutney wasn’t having a good time:

Happy Hamptons rainy 4th of July! 

Miley was getting crafty just right before the 4th, we’ll report on this Crafty DIY ! :

Officially the 4th

While James Fraco was taking selfies with Lana del Rey, just that Lana wasn’t there… is he stalking her still?

HAPPY 4th, y’all!!!! Urban Hikers: ULTRAVIOLENCE,@lanadelrey @klausbiesenbach


These are just some of the celebrities who have shared their fourth!

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Selena Gomez is losing her friends! This time is Demi Lovato

Feuds and broken friendships… what a terrible way to start a Friday… but we guess Selena’s last make up actually broke a few friendships.

demi lovato

It is the case of Demi Lovato, who unfollowed Selena Gomez yesterday on Twitter, and trust me this is not like Colfer’s hacking problem!

All fans were shocked!! We’re really not sure of what’s going on, but it most likely is that Selena is back with Justin and she’s already on some shady moves… Just as if it wasn’t enough by ending a beautiful friendship, Lovato made sure to burn all bridges, at least if it’s true. Since there is an image running around the web in which Demi posted this on Twitter, a tweet that was supposedly later deleted.

Can someone say something already?!?!

While we figure out what happened or someone decides to talk take a look at the meanie’ tweet——>

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