Beyoncé’s awesome birthday getaway!



Knowing Mrs. Carter you know she’d get away! Today is Bey’s birthday and as usual style is top on any of her celebrations! Jay, Blue Ivy and Queen Bey took a private flight to Corsica where they rented a private yacht !


But guess how much that costed, a whooping $800,000 PER WEEK! It sounds like loads of fun and good times! Also a nice getaway with her family so she can be in peace!


But they’ve been throwing away money like leaves, it is rumored Jay tipped the Private Jet Hostess with $500 Euros! The Hostess went on to get some change but wasn’t able to get any, so once she went back to Jay he just laughed and told her to keep all of it!

Awww! It seems everyone’s in a good mood! We’re so glad to hear it!


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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt finally Married over the weekend! Details here!


It is confirmed peeps! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are finally married!

And it is that after 9 years together and 6 bundles of joy ( ahem.. kids) these two finally got the courage to tie the knot and make that gorgeous family a reality!

Reportedly they got married in a small chapel, in a very intimate ceremony surrounded by family and close friends. And as it is the rule they reportedly got first their married in California with a local judge, and later on they had a judge marry them in France over the weekend.

So check out the cutest part of it all! All of their kids participated of the ceremony, Angelina walked into the chapel with her eldest sons Pax and Maddox, while Vivienne and Zahara were flower girls! And Siloh and Knox were the ring bearers!

Awww isn’t that the sweetest thing!

It is also rumored that the ceremony took place at Chateau Miraval , which the couple leased back in 2008 for THREE YEARS!!. The Chateau has 35 rooms, it is surrounded by gardens, fountains, a chapel and even a vineyard!


We’ll let you know when we confirm! We’re on the hunt for more pics and firm news! By now stay tuned for more!

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together! Find out why here!

Jelena is BACK bitcheeessss!

How do we know and dare to do this affirmation, well we know their relationship is a roller coaster ride, but by now are enjoying the moment together.

Though they have been “secretly” dating , they are also talking about love! Yes babes! there’s tons of “I love you” this past weekend, insiders report they’re even calling each other bf and gf!

They are also wanting to clean up their acts in general, they even spent this past weekend doing hiking and chilling with friends at home! While Justin Bieber supposedly made sure Selena had ALL she wanted!

Insiders also tell us, that Selena Gomez is totally digging the attention from the pop super star! Also over the weekend we posted this jewel, so you be the judge!


So babes and dudes, expect some more Jelena to come! And we’ll keep you posted!

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Jay Z will not let go Beyoncé! Read more of this modern day love story! Will it end?

They are trying hard people, very hard to work things out! And it is that asides from all the rumors going on, Beyoncé and Jay Z are refusing to let go, at least not Jay..

This time insiders claim that the resolution of the whole novel lays in her royal majesty Queen Bey! Well King Jay is trying to do ANYTHING at hand to solve that little indecition, the insider tells us more:

‘There has been talk of divorce and it’s been really tense at times on the tour. Beyoncé has been leaning on her mom and sister a lot since they are so close. Jay wants everything to work out and is trying to convince Beyoncé how much he does not want a divorce. It’s flowers, constant texts and telling her he loves her. He is pulling out all the stops.
While they’re still on tour, it’s all business. They’re professionals and they’re trying to keep everything as professional as possible. Beyoncé is torn because she loves Jay so much and wants to keep their family together. She’s turning to family and God to help her through it.”

OMG, it really melts our hearts.. we’d love to see these power couple go great! They are unstoppable together! But it’s getting so stressful with so many stories surrounding the media that we cannot tell anymore what’s real and what’s not?!


We would really love for someone to say something already…. we’re eating our nails here!

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Rita Ora Cancelled her performance at the Teen Choice Awards! Know the dirty facts here!

And why ya’ll be asking, well babes that is the issue of dating your producer! Rita was actually very excited and happy about singing  ” I Will Never Let You Down” at the Teen Choice Awards last Sunday, but it all went down to the toilet and all because of a relationship discussion!

Calvin Harris completely refused to let her sing the song HE wrote and produced, literally forcing her to cancel the event appearance. The good thing is, that the song will at least still be in her album no. 2 which hits the markets on September this year.

Rita Ora Hosts the Night at Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas on July 26, 2014

An insider told us that Rita Ora is currently very sad and felling terrible because she couldn’t do the performance, what made us think for a second, she has lots of other songs why she wouldn’t just do another song???

Trust me girl, there’s more days to come to be awesome than to spend your life crying over one no no…!

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We’re through with Chris Brown, but perhaps you may wanna see this bootylicious XxX post

We may all be tired of Chris Brown and his strange lifestyle, but we can assure he could raise a few hours of talking all over the internet. Which was the case last Friday morning in which he posted this, booty-licious pic on Instagram:

Oh Chris loooooooooooooves big butts and he cannot lie, I bet that more than one girl raced up her heart while seeing this, some were just plain grossed out! You pick your team:

He captioned the rated XXX pic like this:

“Eat da booty! #idgt lol.”

The mature content image was quickly deleted from his account but we still have proof in hands! The image was taken from  his video No Bullshit from back in 2010

Sweet Lawd Yeesus!

We’ll keep you posted on more celebrity news and gossip!

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Camping this weekend? Get an advice or two from Miley Cyrus!

Are you going camping this weekend, or anytime soon? Need any celeb advice to do so in the most Glam-licious way.. Miley is here to save the day!

Enough corny-ness, let’s get to the facts!

The Wrecking Ball singer was hanging out with her friends back in the woods, that includes a bunch of model friends and even Wayne Coyne, they had a super cool bonfire time.

They went straight up for Instagram, as usual… and it all seemed pretty wild! And it all started with a Moon shine.. literally:

Then some good ol’ party in the woods.. glamping that camping!

Is all well it was supervised by an adult.. hehe Uncle Mick:

And Wayne took some time for nappie time!

@alana_greszata @braisoncwukong #themodels

sleepy baby & wukong #whitetrashrager

Miley even got some lovin’ :

@alana_greszata my baby

The things got 88% hotter:

88 proof

@abbeyphilbrick 88 proof

One thing is sure, NO ONE SLEEPS UNTIL MILEY SAYS SO.. or so it happened:

@waynecoyne5 @katyweaver #webouttogetwaynehighasfuckwhilehessleeping

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Jay Z and Beyonce avoiding each other?! How far is this couple willing to go to cover their break up?

Not so ‘Crazy in love’ anymore. OMG, as day passes we keep getting more and more info that this couple may really end up in divorce… Why? They were , well the seemed perfect!

But if it all is for Bey to keep her head up high, we are ok with it. No girl deserves second best, not the wifey not the side kick.. or shall we say kick-S’. Well the rumor has it that their divorce will be announced right after the tour ends.


They may be looking pretty cozy, and huggy’ on stage, but insiders say it all changes backstage.. They are just living a lie and pretending in front of the world, for the sake of letting the ‘show continue’.

In private, it is said they’ve spent a lot of time… separated! feeding the fuel more and more as insiders leak info. An insider close to Jay spoke:

” They were staying at different hotels in LA and New York, for several nights. They have avoided each other mutually, Bey is even looking for real state in Chelsea, New York. Looking for a small apartment, and there’s no Jay in this new home”

Even though the super power couple is still showing affection in public, Blue Ivy’s parents whom shared a kiss on stage while in their L.A. show last August 3rd, it is said they will announce the end of all, Tour and Marriage, in September 13th, another insider points us out.

On the other hand, we have a Bey insider who claims the couple is still “Happy” and that they are just having marriage issues, just like any couple does.

But yet again, when rumor has it soooooo strongly, we’re afraid some may be truth! Let’s cross our fingers it’s just a marriage issue that could be solved… ( But being realistic, with so much rumors we are not so sure.. sigh)

We’ll keep you posted on more celebrity news and gossip!

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More split ups on the way?! Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey this time!? Rumor or truth?

Right before we say anything, we read around that reportedly Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were splitting and that they would as well announce their break up this week, we kinda lost hope on this couple, because as corny as they are, they are still a cute couple and there’s kids in the middle as well so… we were brokenhearted.

The question arose, at least are they trying to work out?

Well someone reached to Mariah’s representative whom quickly vanished the rumors saying:

“No truth.”

We guess that love found a better way! Pheww what a relief, with so many recent news of Hollywood couples splitting! But it all points that Mariah and Nick are here to endure! Yay to love!

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Sorry Ms Carter? Jay Z’s mistress makes a song for Beyonce?! Seriously?!

All we have to say through the whole song, is ooooooooooooooooooh giiiiirl that gotta burn! Ice ice ice, is what Yonce needs! Because remember the other day when Bey changed the letter of her song, to actually make it make sense and kinda throw shade at Jay for his cheating ass?

Well, it all seems that one’,  yeah one of Jay’s mistresses actually made an open letter to Beyonce, tittled Sorry Ms. Carter… have listen to it and pay very close attention:


Wow, not only she dresses her down with blunt forced truth, but she also uses references of Yonce’s own songs to diss her!
Well well well, let’s see what comes out of this, we can’t wait for Bey to speak!

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