First Father’s day for these Celebs. #HappyFathersDay.



These celebrities celebrated their first father’s day for the very first time. We congratulate them and all parents around the world! #HappyFathersDay.

Daenerys from Game of Thrones, inspiring many young girls!!

Amazing stories are the one we are listening from many girls around the world, such is the one from Lucy Hinsley, who overcame constant bullying while identifying herself with the female heroine from HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Real-life Khaleesi Game Of Thrones

She says that she feels such a strong connection to Daenerys Targaryen that she felt like recreating the female leader’s fashion saying:

“I feel like I am Daenerys now – we are so similar. There’s such a connection between us. I used to be a pushover. But Daenerys has taught me not to take any more nonsense from people. She’s my inspiration.”


The 22 year old young British girl idolizes, so we’re a little bit worried she may be taking it a little too far, since she expressed she loved her character so much she is starting to do anything to look a lot more like her. She now impersonate’s Emilia Clarke‘s character with a lot of unique and gorgeous handmade costumes, also very costly, since the young lady is a well known cos-player.

One thing we must say, Lucy has truly captured Daenerys in her Targaryen ways but also the Dothraki fashion, she’s doing anything to look just like the Mother of Dragons! She was even able to overcome her abusers, she says she looks and feels very different since she started making these changes… EMPOWERING!!

Lucy Hinsley shopping in a Tesco branch in her Daenerys Taygerian costume, a character from Game of Thrones. She says: “I was never the cool kid at school, but now I can dress like superheroes and dragon Queens!” Photo credit: Tolga Akmen (No use without permission)

The similarities once Lucy is in her costumes are so scary… even more scary than !!! SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!!  Oberyn Martell’s horrible and crushing end!

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Finally a Wonder Woman Movie!! Get ready for some Girl Power!!!


We are so very excited, ( you can tell from the tittle to the first line!!) to say that actress Gal Gadot has just signed a three-picture deal with Warner Brothers to portray Wonder Woman!

Some people say that Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, isn’t only a continuation of the movie  Justice League, this is actually the beginning of a lot more super hero movies to come from Warner Bros.

We would have awesome cast members, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Sandman and they say Shazam will be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We even caught a few dates from all over the web we are crossing out fingers for them to be accurate, here they are:

May 2016 – Batman v Superman
July 2016 – Shazam
Xmas 2016 – Sandman
May 2017 – Justice League
July 2017 – Wonder Woman
Xmas 2017 – Flash and Green Lantern team-up
May 2018 – Man Of Steel 2

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Need for Speed: 7 Celebrities That Love Fast Cars

Love fast cars? Too bad you’re not a celebrity. Them lucky stiffs. Not only can they afford the fastest vehicles. Sometimes you can find them behind the wheel of actual racing cars just having a good old time. Here are seven celebrities that love fast cars and we hate them all.

James Garner

11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals

Jim Rockford didn’t drive a sports car by accident. The star of the classic p.i. show, The Rockford Files, developed a love of the car while shooting Grand Prix. After that, he couldn’t spend enough time behind the wheel. He did his own stunt driving.


Paul Newman

Paul Newman

The Academy Award winning Newman is probably the most accomplished and successful celebrity racer of all time. He had a natural ability behind the wheel that even pro racers admired. He actually won at Daytona. And the man was 70 years old.

Frankie Muniz

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presents "A Salute to TV Dads" - Arrivals

Maybe it was just a youthful phrase, but the star of Malcolm in the Middle showed a lot of potential behind the wheel. He’d worked his way from Formula BMW to Formula Atlantic and many believe he has the skills to go as far as Indy.


James Dean

The moody film star only made three movies but his legacy is admired to this day. So were his skills behind the wheel. By all accounts, the man had incredible driving skills, which makes how he died all the more ironic.

Rowan Atkinson

2014 RHS Chelsea Flower Show VIP Preview and Press Day

This is probably the most surprising name on the list. Usually playing befuddled innocents like Mr. Bean, Atkinson was a former Renault 5 Turbo racer and has even driven with the guy that owns the Aston Martin. Not an Aston Martin either. The Aston Martin period.


Patrick Dempsey

2011 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

The man referred to as McDreamy is cultivating a reputation behind the wheel that often gets him compared to Paul Newman. Dempsey is committed to racing. So much so that unlike a lot of his celebrity peers he schedules his acting around his races.

Steve McQueen

No one that’s seen him drive can deny McQueen had the chops to be a professional driver. He almost beat racing legend Mario Andretti in Sebring. He planned to hit the pavement at Le Mans, but studios prevented it to keep him safe for their movies.

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have the resources, let alone the talent, to get behind the wheel and put it to the test. Instead, you have to get behind your SUV and push the boundaries before the light changes or you end up with a NYC traffic ticket or ticket in your local city.

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More Pretty Little Liars… you betcha’ ! Just like Alison, the show lives on!

Well, we still don’t know who “A” is, but what we do know is that ABC’s KILLER series Pretty Little Liars is coming back for two more seasons!!

The president of the network, Tom Acheim said he was happy with this decision way before last night’s amazing season 5 premiere he said:

“Pretty Little Liars has taken its place in the zeitgeist and reigns supreme in pop culture. I am glad to bring another two seasons to our audience, because ‘A’ has a lot in store for our Liars.”

And it is because since their first episode back in 2010, Pretty Little Liars has developed an incredible amount of followers through social media, and it’s been by far ABC’s best rating series until now.

And OF COURSE!!! They have kept all of the audience on the edge of jumping off their couches for sooooo long, so here we go, we’re ready.. Two more years in Rosewood!!

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We’re SO excited!

Tribeca Film Festival 2014

Do you remember Blue’s Clues? Ever wonder why Steve Burns left the show? We tell you!

If you were a kid 18 years from now, or even a parent, you surely remember Blue’s Clues. And you also remember Steve Burns leaving the show ( tears). You may have wondered why so badly, why did he ever leave the show?

For those of you who were not watching Nickelodeon between 1996-2006 in which the successful show Blue’s Clues was broadcast, and even today it is remembered as an amazing experience for anyone who watched it as a kid, because waaaaaay before Dora the Explorer, Blue was one of the pioneers in kid’s interactive shows.


That is exactly why everyone was in shock and some of us even in tears when Steve left the show out of the BLUE in 2002. For a period of time no one knew for sure why he actually had left the show, some speculated that he was dead or even struggling with drugs. But an interview for the show’s 10 year special named Behind the Clues : 10 years with Blue,  he seemed very sober and alive, as he expressed:

“I knew I wasn’t going to be doing children’s television all my life, mostly because I refused to lose my hair on a kid’s TV show. And it was happening … fast.”

There you have it kids! Mystery solved! Steve was loosing his hair.. wait WHAT? Actually not only that, Steve also said he wanted to pursue his music career, he’s currently doing very well actually, even though we miss him and our girl Blue!

Our young hearts still hold the hope that they will make a special one day and get those two together again, and we will all rejoice in our sweet memories! 🙂

Check out the Video Below to listen to Steve Burns himself tell you why he left:


Awww! That video made me cry a bit, ahhh the good times!

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Breaking News! More Breaking Bad?!?!

Breaking Bad lovers… There’s still some hope!

Even though ( SPOILER ALERT!!!!) Walter White is killed in the finale of the series, Bryan Cranston could be telling us something else. This is what he had to say:

“You never saw bags zip up or anything, or anybody say… you know… Never Say Never”

Wait… WHAT?!?!!? Does he mean..

Heisenberg is not really dead? Is there more seasons following this one? Or a Movie.. or is he just playing with our hearts and minds?


I guess this applies to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle!

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5 Football Stars Who Sold or Pawned Their Super bowl Rings

Football Stars and their Superbowl Rings

Super bowl Rings

Some athletes work their entire lives to reach the pinnacle of winning a world championship. Even some of the best individual players in history who haven’t won championships long for the taste of success that comes with being the best in the world. However, as much as it means to some, to others winning a championship is merely another achievement and the accolades that come with it can easily be sold for cold-hard cash. Here are some superstar football players who helped their teams win a Super Bowl, only to turn around and sell their championship ring.

Damien BerryDamien Berry:

In the case of Berry, one can understand why he might’ve sold his Super Bowl ring. After not being a truly influential player on the Ravens Super Bowl win in 2013, Berry was cut before the following season began and needed the money. Not only that, but in 2013 he was on the injured reserve for much of the season and hardly had much of an impact. However, you have to wonder for someone who may not play in the NFL again would value the money over a memento that would last the remainder of his life.

Je’Rod CherryJe’Rod Cherry:

The story for Je’Rod Cherry is much more of a cheery one. Instead of selling it, Cherry auctioned off one of his three Super Bowl rings that he earned as a member of the New England Patriots, and put the proceeds towards charity. The ring fetched nearly $150,000 and he still had two more to keep close to him at night.

Dexter ManleyDexter Manley:

Manley was a member of the Washington Redskins when they won Super Bowl XVII. The rumor is that Manley sold his ring in 1998 to buy cocaine. The irony of this story is that nearly 20-years later, Manley was able to gain possession of his ring back. The person who had it, John O’Quinn, left instructions after he died that Manley could once again have his ring after he was drug free. Once Manley was able to become sober, he was given his ring back.

Ray GuyRay Guy:

Ray Guy was able to win three Super Bowls as a member of the Oakland Raiders. However, he sold all of them for a total of $96,000. Guy was known as one of the most sure-footed punters of all time and was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, for a guy who didn’t make the type of salary that players make nowadays, the money was the way to go.

Brooks Williams:

Williams won a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in 2001. However, after having a shortened, and lackluster, career, he ended up pawning the ring off. The ring was shown on a popular reality TV show about pawn stores, which said the ring was on sale for $100,000.

There are plenty of players who have decided to pawn their Super Bowl rings at shops like Deerfield Pawnbrokers for various purposes. It just goes to show that for some it’s a sign of achievement, while others it’s just a commodity to sell.