Carlos Baute talks about his single life

Carlos Baute, Venezuelan singer and song writer, is currently in Mexico promoting his new album, which includes the mega hit “Colgado en tus Manos.”

Marta Sanchez, Spanish pop star, has collaborated with Baute on this song, that has been number one in Spain for the longest time.

Now it’s time for the Venezuelan heartthrob to expand his domain and go back to his Latin American roots to present his latest work.

This record has brought lots of unforgettable moments to the artist, however on the personal department, it hasn’t been that smooth.

Baute and her girlfriend for almost 10 years Beatriz broke up recently. The news was a big surprise, as they were considered one of the strongest couples in Music Biz.

Carlos gave away to the press some details about his current personal situation: “I’m single. At this point I’m enjoying life and very focused on my work. I need a lot of love and attention. However when you just broke up with someone, time becomes your best friend.”

Baute is keeping himself very busy promoting his work. He’ll be touring in many different cities in United States like San Diego, San Francisco, Nueva York, or Miami, and at the end of March he’ll head to Guatemala, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.


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