Brothers, Sisters and Billboard Music charts

It’s pretty usual that brothers and sisters might share the same passion and interest for certain hobbies or activities.

Now when they share the some talent for music or acting and they all struggle to make it big on Show Biz, that’s a different story. It is something exceptional but it happens and here you have some examples:

Beyonce’s story goes way back when she was just a little girl and, along with the other two Destiny’s Child members, spent many hours a day rehearsing and working hard as she was dreaming to arrive at the super star status that she currently holds. Little sister Solange witnessed very closely Beyonce’s ride to the top of the international music charts and no wonder she wanted to try it too. Solange released 2 albums Solo Star in 2003 and Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in 2008.

Same thing happened with Enrique Iglesias and brother Julio Jose. In this particular case, they both grew up under the shadow of their daddy’s huge music career.

Jamie Lynn also wanted to follow her big sister Britney Spears’ career, and she started off as Disney Channel starlet and also got her own girl band “Triple Image” that covered Cyndi Lauper’s hits.

Kylie Minogue and sister Danii or Nick and Aaron Carter are other examples of siblings aiming for topping music charts.

Now, when it comes to brothers and sisters making it almost equally big on music…there’s just one family that will remain on Music History forever: The Jacksons. From the very beginning Jackson 5 to Michael and Janet, this family epitomizes the expression “when talent runs in the family.”

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