Britney Spears Is In Love With New Boyfriend, Wants More Kids



Britney Spears is looking happy and healthy, guys! Love seeing her so relaxed and chatty like she was during her recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Britney is working her a** off, prepping for her Las Vegas residency show, and that means she’s also doing a lot of press. During her chat with ET, the “Baby One More Time” superstar looked very relaxed and she was very open about her private life, including new boyfriend David Lucado.

During her interview “Britney Unguarded“, which you can watch below, we find out that a meet & greet with Britney in Vegas will cost $2,500 (really, that’s how much it will cost and it comes with front row seats and backstage access), that her new album was like therapy, and that she is a woman in love.

Check out the highlights!

On the pressure of being #1: “Oh, God! It makes me nervous to think about it. I can be competitive, yeah. If you piss me off, I’m really competitive.”

On “Britney B*tch”: “That’s my alter ego. She comes out on stage.”

On her new album “Britney Jean”: “I would say it was like therapy for me. It just transformed me and, like, this is my perspective, and when you write something your perspective changes after your done writing something. For the better. So it was kind of like my good therapy record.”

On her relationship with David Lucado: “I adore him… I love the fact that anything he’s involved in he’s passionate about and it’s contagious.”

On wanting more kids: “I love being a mom. I would love to have more kids.”

For more check out the interview!

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