Brad and Angelina to visit cancer patients in Missouri.

The Pitt-Jolie family has headed to Brad’s native Springfield, Missouri to spend a more low-key NYE. The couple, along with their six kids, had also some time to make some community work, and they paid a visit to cancer patients at the St. John’s Jane Pitt Pediatric Cancer Centre.

According to the spoke person from the institution Cora Scott: “They stayed about 45 minutes. It was a very nice visit.”

The family is very committed to the St. John’s Foundation for Community Health. Actually, last year Brad, his brother and Angelina donated $1 million to the institution, which has a pediatric cancer unit dedicated to the Pitt’s mother Jane. Core also explained to People magazine the crucial role that Pitt’s mum represents for the institution: “Jane Pitt is a gem in our community. She’s a very wonderful woman who cares so very much about the well being of children.”

It’s nice to see how super stars like Brad and Angelina are truly connected to human suffering and their willingness to cooperate as much as they can.


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