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Billie Eilish Doesn’t Mind The Quarantine, What About You?

Billie Eilish

Are you wondering how some celebrities are spending their quarantine time? Here’s how Billie Eilish is dealing with the Coronavirus situation.

A lot of celebrities are dealing with the entire virus situation differently. Some are on their tropical islands, others are in their mansions, and some are spending time with their loved ones far away from everything. However, the teenage star and the singer Billie Eilish is trying to get away from it all, in her own (very unusual) way!

Even though most people her age are spending time on Skype, FaceTime, as well as Tik Tok, Billie Eilish is being a loner. Wouldn’t you expect some YouTube videos or music edits from her at least?

Well, Billie describes herself as being an introverted person, and in one of her tweets she pointed out that she loves avoiding people. She also likes not being obligated to talk to others on an everyday basis.

At the moment she is taking and spending the vast majority of her time with her two new pit bulldogs. She is trying to find herself in all of this chaos, and she is not leaving her house.

Billie Eilish and the Coronavirus

She also tweeted (not too long ago) a very emotional tweet that people worldwide can relate to: “You miss something so bad once you don’t have it… You never think about it when you have it.”

This quote shows that she is vulnerable and that she believes that people are taking all of what they have for granted. Would you agree with this? And what do you think of the self-isolating protocol in her case?

A) If I was an 18-year old teenager I’d act the exact same way as her.

B) It is quite unusual for a teenager to self-isolate at such an early age, I do not agree with her actions. I’d at least surround myself with some friends.

Let us know your thoughts and how you’d react if you were an 18-year old billionaire down below!

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