Aretha Franklin previews new album

Aretha Franklin is ready to release a 12-track CD, titled “A Woman Falling Out of Love,” that will be presented very soon.

The album was previewed last Friday in a party at The Detroit Fish Market with selected friends and family. The 12-track CD, titled “A Woman Falling Out of Love,” is expected to drop the last weekend in March. Later in the year Lady Soul is releasing a new studio set on her own label, Aretha’s Records. Franklin expects it out by the first week of April.

About her album she commented “You fall in love, you fall out of love. These are some of the things that women go though,” she said. “You think you want something you get it, and then you decide it is not what you wanted after all.”

Franklin said her upcoming CD will feature a range of styles from funky blues to jazz to a sizzling recitation by actor Billy Dee Williams.

According to Billboard the singer even reports making progress in conquering her well-known fear of flying, saying that she plans to take a short flight in the near future — “probably Chicago or Cleveland” — and work up from there. That could eventually clear the way for her to perform again in Europe for the first time in years. “Hopefully this summer,” she says optimistically.

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