Another intruder at Paris Hilton’s home!

After a trespasser had barged into her very secured LA home in August, there was another intruder who reportedly managed to seek past the security guard and knock on her door this time.

The perp, James Rainford, said that he knew Paris Hilton, but insiders claim that it was all a made up story, and Paris has never met him before. Rainford apparently zoomed past security on his bike and when they caught up to him, he got into a physical brawl with the guards at Paris’ LA home. He is now being held by the LAPD for trespassing and on battery charges; bail is set at $20,000.

Now, as per the latest reports, Rainford will probably have to spend at least a year behind bars, and pay some heavy charges for his deeds.

The incident is being seen as quite a bit of a shock, and some are even hoping that this has nothing to do with the intruder who had barged into Paris’ residence with knives in August.

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