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Anne Hathaway Hates Her Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway proved she is committed to the portrayal of Fantine, the dying prostitute in the upcoming big-screen adaptation of ‘Les Miserables‘.

Check out photos of Anne Hathaway long hair!

Anne’s character was supposed to have short hair so the actress decided to chop off her long locks. Which made her miserable!

“I wasn’t expecting it to be a big deal. It was my idea to do it, since it was something the character did…[But then]  I realized I couldn’t take it back”, Hathaway told Kelly Ripa, US Weekly reports.

“[I was] a mental patient level of crying… I was inconsolable”, she added.

The “Ella Enchanted” actress continued to share her sadness over the new pixie cut by saying that coping with the look was more difficult than “doing back flips out of windows and jumping off buildings”. stuns she performed for her upcoming movie “The Dark Knight Rises“.

Don’t worry, Anne! You look lovely with the pixie cut!

Do you like Anne Hathaway‘s pixie cut?

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