Amy Winehouse’s father to launch his own music career

We don’t have a lot of details about Amy Winehouse’s upcoming album. Her record label’s spoke person has announced that she’s working on it. However, Winehouse’s continuous health issues as well as her consuming on-and-off relationship with her ex-husband Blake, are keeping Amy from dedicating enough time to recording.

But Amy sweetie, you better watch out, as you might have a competitor at home.
According to reliable sources, Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch, is ready to get his own music career going: “Amy and I spoke about me doing an album six or seven years ago,” Mitch revealed to some media. He continues: “The timing wasn’t right, Amy wasn’t well. Now she’s better and the time is right.”

His album, Rush of Love, will see the light in June. It will include eleven tracks produced by Tom Hiller and it has a swing style.

The former taxi driver feels very confident of his work , because if it wasn’t good  “after five minutes in the recording studio, someone would have said, ‘you know what Mitch, this isn’t for you, you can’t sing’,” Mitch said.

Opportunistic? Maybe. Anyway, we’ll have to hear it to judge if it’s worth a shot.



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