3 High Profile Musician Break Ins of 2010

Hollywood celebrities protect their properties with sky high perimeter walls, gates, sophisticated alarms and even employing watchman at the front of their mansions. However, occasionally this is not enough and 2010 saw a range of celebrity break ins including the high profile case of the ‘Bling Ring’ gang.

The gang were notorious for using social networking sites to find out when homes would be vacant and got a lot of press attention for successfully robbing around 50 homes worth getting away with a haul of an estimated $7m.  The police have been very coy about naming all of the victims of the burglaries but it is believed to include famous musician Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor.
According to statistics there is a break-in in America every 15 minutes and unfortunately for celebrities, even with their high tech security, this often includes them. Here are 3 celebrities that were included in this statistic.

50 Cent: Fiddy was one of the victims of burglary when his mansion was broken into late in 2010. Fortunately for him the two burglars wasn’t the most intelligent as they were both caught. The first was accosted by the police after he parked the getaway car in the driveway and the second was found drinking wine from 50 cents cellar.
According to the celebrity gossip site TMZ, they were held in custody on a $50,000 bond.


 No matter how much security you have at your property it can’t do much good when thieves decide to target your vehicle. Black Eyed Peas star encountered a similar fate to fiddy as he had $10,000 worth of property stolen, not from his house, but from his car.

It is believed that in June 2010 thieves smashed a window of’s Bentley and stole valuable items including songs from Cheryl Cole’s latest album Messy Little Raindrops (which has now been released).





Cheryl Cole: If her property wasn’t safe in’s car then it sure wasn’t safe at her home. Cheryl Cole’s shared home with Ashley was broken into in the early hours of the morning. Fortunately the attempt was unsuccessful as the noise woke Ashley and by the time police attended the scene the thieves had fled.  It is rumoured they were after Cheryl’s two huge diamond wedding rings which had been heavily publicised in papers due to her not wearing one at an airport which sparked talk of a break up. The rings were reported to have a combined value of over a quarter of a million pounds.



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