Jessica Simpson & Nicole Richie Offended By ‘Fashion Star’ Designer

If you weren’t sure whether you should watch NBC’s ‘Fashion Star‘ when it comes out, here’s a little something to make you at least curious about the show.

In a promo video for the upcoming fashion reality TV show, one of the contestants, designer Nicholas might just have ruined his career before even having a chance to start it, after insulting not only mentors Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie, but all women working in the fashion industry.

After hearing feedback from Jessica, Nicholas replied that she probably doesn’t understands what was going on with men’s fashion. Simpson was obviously offended, but kept quiet. For the moment.

Nicole Richie was next to offer some constructive criticism, but the designer’s reply wasn’t any nicer: “Look everyone’s got their own opinion.I think… like John’s advice; from a guy’s point of view was OK, but it’s very hard to understand girls giving advice about men’s fashion.”

And that’s when Simpson couldn’t hold it in anymore: “I’m a little bit offended. Not a little bit. A lot. To talk down to a woman in this business…we’re running the world right now, OK? I’m trying to help you, I’m trying to be nice. Because I really kinda wanna hit you across the face right now.”

Host Elle MacPherson also added that she was “embarrassed” by Nicholas’ comments.

Watch the video here to see how everything went down.

Do you think the guy was being rude to the women on the show?

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