Zac Efron and Justin Bieber want to do Glee

They have a lot of things in common: they started out their career in show biz at a very young age, they are both gorgeous and extremely talented, and have millions of fans desperately in love of them all around the globe.

As if those facts, were not enough, now Zac Efron and Justin Bieber have admitted that they would love to participate in FOX sensation Glee.

We’re sure that the producers of the show will be thrilled of having them as a part of the cast.

Perhaps for Zac Efron the role would be much easier as he started out in television: Don’t forget he used to be the star of Disney’s High School Musical. Bieber, even though he is much younger than Efron, just debuted as a TV actor on a brief cameo for prime time CBS show CSI. The guy sings and dances amazingly, not to mention his looks, however he’s much more inexpert than Efron on the TV field.

Anyway, Glee producers, take note, as we’re sure that those two will be a great fit on the show, and we’d love to see them in it.

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