Will Enrique Iglesias water-ski naked?

Yes, you read right…let me explain though. The Spaniard singer promised that if Spain won the World Cup he would water-ski naked across the Miami Bay. We don’t know if he didn’t have any faith on the Spanish team or what. Anyhow, the guy made a promise and he should be able to keep it, right?

Iglesias recently performed for the Today Show and Matt Lauer was in charge of reminding him about that promise.

The gorgeous Spaniard showed off one again his sense of humor and got back to Lauer with this: “Matt, you would look a lot better than me skiing naked.”

After a quick conversation going back and forth about the issue, Iglesias eventually disclosed that if he has to do it that would be: “late, late at night and not during a full moon.”

Well, Miami residents, including myself, it is going to be difficult to catch him in action anyway…Disappointing…


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