Who’s Emma Watson mysterious man?

Glastonbury Festival has come to an end, and aside from
the remarkable shows and performances, the event has delivered some other news…more
related to the romantic department.

Emma Watson, the super young British actress, who has
become internationally famous because of her participation on the Harry Potter
franchise, has been seen strolling around the venue holding hands with her new

Who’s the lucky guy? His name is George Craig and he is
the front man of the band One Night Only. The young couple met while they were
shooting an advertising campaign for Burberry.

The guys hit it off right of the bat. Craig’s next move
was to invite Emma to be part of one of his music videos, recreating the “the
lady and the tramp.” Watson has openly revealed her admiration towards her
boyfriend:  “When I was in the
States, George was taking me through a lot of his music as he was recording
it,” she told Radio 1. “I couldn’t believe [how good the music was].
I’m a big fan. Everything he did was amazing.”

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