Who’s Amy Wihehose new man?

The British artist has again caught everybody off guard with the news. When we all thought that her relationship with former husband Blake was on again, now Amy Winehouse is seen in public with filmmaker Reg Traviss, the man behind “Joy Division.”

It remains uncertain the real nature of the relationship. At this moment there are contradictory rumors about what is really going on between them: some say that Amy has found in Reg a genuine Prince Charming and the couple is getting serious, some other say that the couple are just very good friends, nothing more than that. 

Either way Traviss represents a great motivation in Amy’s life and she would be very willing to get rid of her very self-destructive habits for good to be with him, which is obviously great news and we couldn’t be any happier for her.

Amy’s parents seem to also be very excited about this new friendship or whatever they want to call it. Truth to be told, the couple was seen having a romantic dinner in a London restaurant and strolling around town holding hands. We guess that time will define what is really going on between them, but we wish it works out for them.

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