What will Robert Pattison’s next career move be?

Robert Pattison would always be one of the sexiest vampires in pop culture. “Twilight” is still a cultural phenomenon and will remain in our minds for even many generations to come.

Pattinson has arrived at Young Hollywood heaven and right now he has it all: looks, success, money and even true love courtesy of Twilight co-star Kristen Steward. And you might think: “yeah I can get used to that”. But if we really think about it, after such a massive blockbuster, it would not be easy to choose the next career move.

But apparently Pattison has already decided an option and the name is “Bel Ami”, based on French author Guy de Maupassant’s second novel published in 1885. Robert will play a journalist with a terrific ladies’ man reputation. He’ll be sharing shooting time along with heavyweight players such as Uma Thurman and Kristin Scott Thomas who both will play Pattison’s love interests. Not bad, right?

With this role, the young star will work on a more realistic and sensual territory. We can’t wait to see in the big screen Pattison’s approach to this new experience.
In the meantime, the actor had enjoyed a lovely Christmas time along with his family and girlfriend.

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