Usher wantst to sing with Amy Winehouse

In fact, the American recording artist has gone on record saying that Amy Winehouse is the only singer from Britain whom he would like to sing with! Therefore it is now official that hip-hop star Usher finds the perfect talent of a singer in Amy Winehouse, he says that her voice is so wonderful, that the two together can create wonders for their fans and the general people alike.

Usher’s statement is an exact echo of singer Amy Winehouse’s, who some months ago, had said to the media that she was very interested in recording a song with Usher. Usher feels that the effect of the duet will be shocking to the people of the United States and worldwide. He feels that the two should get together as soon as possible to collaborate on a collection of songs which will take the listeners with surprise and shock. Usher, further, explains that there is a lot of untapped talent in the British singer and it is high time that the world gets to know about this hidden talent in the voice of Amy Winehouse.

Usher is sure that his collaboration with Amy Winehouse will redefine music in the US. Amy Winehouse’s desperation to work with the hip-hop star, some months ago, did pay off in the end!

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