Tricks to Make Your Legs Look Longer

How to have long legs

Making lips juicier, eyes brighter and more attractive or breasts look bigger does not seem to be as hard as to make our legs look longer. All women know legs are a powerful seduction tool, but unluckily not all of us have got tapered, long  legs. Anyway, there is no need to worry. Even though you cannot change your genetics, there are some tricks you can use to create the illusion of longer legs.

How to have long legsTo make this possible, the kind of clothes you wear is essential. Choosing the right colors for pants will help you look slimmer and lengthen the legs, and if you choose skirts, belts and shoes wisely you will also be taking a big step to achieve the look you’ve always wanted to.

So let’s get started. When choosing pants opt for darker colors (black, grey or denim), and regular or high-waisted ones. Forget about the boot-cut, go for the straight or skinny types. If possible, try to find seamless pants, they will definitely give the effect of thinner and longer legs.
The shoes are certainly a key element to highlight and make your legs look longer than they are. Avoid those shoes or sandals that tie at the ankle and have accessories like buckles and straps in this place because this type of footwear gives the feeling that your legs are shorter. High-heels are a must, but choose thin heels instead of chunky ones. Another great tip is to match your shoes with your pants and socks; this monochromatic effect creates a clean line from the top of the leg directly to the ground without interruption.

Surely, you would agree with the fact that there is no better garment than a good skirt or shorts to make your legs look longer, slender and desirable. Well, you are right, but the key lies in choosing the right ones. The skirts or shorts must always be above the knee. Remember that the more skin you show, the longer your legs will look.

Now that you know what to wear to create the illusion of longer legs, don’t forget to make your skin glow. Use a moisturizing cream or lotion to highlight the outline of your legs.

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